Should I Repair or Replace?

The decision to repair or replace your home heating and cooling equipment can be a difficult one. Everyone’s situation is unique. Landolt Service will listen to you and work with you on a solution that best fits your needs. You can count on us to provide a quality product affordable for your family’s comfort for today and many years to come. Call us and we will walk you through your options. (414) 321-7000


The fact is, repairs will always be cheaper than buying a new system out right. Landolt Service will evaluate your existing equipment. We will provide an honest estimate for repairing your current situation taking into account how old your system is and an estimate of how many more years you can get out of your system.

The rule of thumb in making a repair or replace decision looks at cost of repairs and age of your system. A system over 10 years old with repair costs between 30-50% the cost of a new system should be considered for replacement.

Energy Efficieny

It is easy to look at the immediate cost of a new heating and cooling system. Keep in mind the longer term costs to your monthly utility bills. Newer systems are more energy efficient than systems 10-25 years old. Newer systems will lower your utility bills each month translating into savings year after year!

Tax credits, rebates and other incentives may also be available. Landolt Service will discuss each of the options available to you.

In the Long Run

Landolt Service wants to provide you with the best quality home comfort system for you and your family. We want to help you evaluate your current situation and how we can do Whatever It Takes® to provide improvements so you are 100% satisfied. Your family depends on good quality indoor air and our family provides it.